Pause / Break

Morgen gehts los. Wir fahren mit den Kindern eine Woche nach Paris und haben hinterher hoffentlich viel zu berichten.

Tomorow, we'll start our trip to Paris with the kids. They wanted t o see the Eiffel Tower and I'll hopefully have a lot to report afterwards.

Noch was aus dem Nähzimmer. Ein Anzug den ich für den Sohn meiner Freundin zur Taufe gemacht habe.

At least, something from the sewing room. A suit, I made for my friends son. It's for his baptism.


A Day in My Life - August

Oohps, I nearly forgot, today is the 14th. So, once again, I'll tell you about my day.

Had a uncomfortable night. Helene insisted on sleeping in our bed after watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles" yesterday evening. It scared her a bit.

We are in our second week of summer holidays an my day is a bit different from normal.

Plans for today:

Get up early, do some housework, prepare everything for a friends visit. We intended to do some sock yarn dying in our backyard, having a good long chat and doodle around with some fabric. Agnes also likes to sew and knows a lot about patchwork, so we have always a nice chat about that on our meetings.

My alarm woke me up at 8 am. I switched it off and turned around. Got up at 8:45am, put some rolls in the oven for breakfast and had a shower.
Called the girls for breakfast (fresh rolls with butter and marmelade or honey and juice). During we ate, the phone started to ring: a friend called, told me, she feels sick and asked Paula to come around and watch afer her two year old daughter for a while. Next call Agnes, she's also sick, caught a cold and called of our meeting.
Next call, another friend, invited us for coffee this afternoon. I promised a cake.

After breakfast, I hung up some washing, started another mashine. I made an upside-down pineapple cake. A recipe, I brought with me from my exchange of students to france 25 years ago. Sorry, I forgot to take a photograph, it's been finished up really quickly.
After that I started tidying up the kitchen and the rest of our apartment.
When Paula came back from Babysitting, she made Lunch. One of our favourite summer meals. Noodles with tomatos, mozzarella and basil, mixed with a tablespoon olive oil, salt and pepper.

By the way, I usually didn't talk about blogging with the kids but when I made the picture from Lunch, they both asked me imediately, if today is "the day" the 14th.
In the meanwhile, I hoovered the apartment.
After Lunch, I did more washing and up-hanging. Here a picture, Helene made from the laundry hanging at the attic.

At 2:30 pm we're left home for visiting our friends. Not the best point in time. I burst into some serious house renovating discusions.
The kids also didn't played well together, so we left soon and drove to the video rental shop for another movie. During the holidays, we often watch DVD's in the evening. Especially when the weather is not really warm and summerlike as at the moment. We haven't got a real TV, but a LCD projector and a DVD player. My husband is a home cinema freak.
So, we had Dinner (homemade French fries and chicken nuggets and italian antipasti instead McDonalds, which would have been Helenes choice) in front of the screen watching "High school musical". No excuse for Helene to slip into my bed tonight.
Now, I'm writing this post while Stefan is cleaning up the kitchen and whish you all a good night.


Ein verregneter Tag / A rainy day

Unsere Wohnung war heute belagert....

von Prinzessinen,

von dunklen (Jedi)Rittern, hier ohne Lichtschwert,


und Narren.....



Ein T-Shirt, dass ich heute für den Sohn meiner Freundin zum ersten Geburtstag genäht habe. Es ist aus einem alten Top von mir, mit einem Velour Aufbügler von Farbenmix. Ich muß hier nämlich dringend mein Lager und meine Vorräte reduziern, daher habe ich mir für August wieder einmal "Use what you have" vorgenommen.

A shirt, I've made for my friends son today. It's his first birthday next Sunday. I made it from one of my old tank tops and the sticker is from here. I've got too much stuff, so I think, I do some "use what you have" in August and try not to buy something new for sewing.


Endlich Ferien!!!

Hier inb Bayern sind nun auch endlich Sommerferien und in den nächsten Wochen wird es wohl wieder ruhiger im Blog werden.
Das Wetter ist passend zum Ferienanfang wieder schlechter und nasser geworden, aber Paula stört das gar nicht so sehr. Sie genießt erst einmal die Ruhe und das rumgammeln.
Helene ist heute Morgen um 6 Uhr nach Österreich für eine Woche Tanzfreizeit aufgebrochen. Das erste Mal, dass sie alleine wegfährt, im Bus war ihr schon ein wenig mulmig zumute.

Finally, we also have summer holidays in Bavaria. The wether is chilly and a bit wet today, but Paula doesen't bother about it. She enjoys doodling around her room and relax.
Helene started at 6 am this morning for a one week dancing camp in Austria with her Ballett school. First time, she's on a journey without us. She looked a bit queasy when the bus started.

Paula war am Wochenende schon bei einem Tanzworkshop.

Paula was on a dancing workshop last weekend.

Noch ein paar "Schneewittchen" Bilder. Helene ist der Zwerg mit der roten Mütze und dem großen Schnurrbart.

Some more pictures from "Snow White" for you. Helene is the dwarf with the red hat and the big moustache.

Die Jäger, die ich genäht habe.

The hunters, I made.

Prinz, Jäger, Narren und andere.

Prince, Hunter, Jester and others.

Jetzt aber genung, hier noch Paula in ihrem selbstgenähten Kleid und nicht gerade in fotorafier Stimmung.

So, enough. Here, Paula in her selfmade dress not so pleased about being photographed.

Zum Schluß noch ein paar Tanz- oder Sportoutfits, die ich für die Mädels genäht habe. T-Shirt und Hose für Helene und Body plus Rock für Paula.

At last, some dancing or sport dresses. I made for the girles. Shirt and pants for Helene and Body plus kirt for Paula.